Vladimir Deshevov

After discovering Vladimir Deshevov’s gourgeous score for the silent film Fragment of an Empire I started to look into this composer’s work.

He was one of the leading composers in the 1920’s in Russia, but after being accused of ‘formalism’ he got almost completely erased from history, inspite of his beautiful works.

Fascinated by this man and his music I started to look for piano pieces, he was an outstanding pianist and found many pieces, some of them very obscure and I am creating a program of them including among others:

Etude and March (Op. 1)

Ballad (Op. 7)

Meditations (Op. 3)

Stigmata of St Francis of Assisi (1911)

Patriotic etudes (Op. 41)

From the Diary of Darius Milhaud (Op. 17)

Sonate 1 and 2

And any more.

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