“Mood Music”

There are many ways silent films are and can be musically accompanied. But little known is that much music is composed by great composers specially for film, but not for a specific film. The music was catagorized in such a way that the musicians could select them by mood. The so called “Mood Music”. Hundreds and hundreds of mood pieces were composed by composers such as Guiseppe Becce, John Zamecnik and even Albert Ketèlbey. This music, although very popular back in the days, became completely redundant after the arrival of sound cinema and the very beautiful and interesting music became forgotten.

In a interactive presentation world renowned silent film pianist Daan van den Hurk, tells the amazing stories behind the tradition of silent film accompaniment and brings this music back to live. With many examples of his own private collection and beautiful film clips coming from the EYE Collection, the music retreives it’s proper function as film music.

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