Liszt: ‘Album d’un Voyageur’

Painting of Franz Liszt in his former home in Budapest

“For many many years I am very fascinated by the life and works of Franz Liszt. An extraordinary man whose influence and approach to music, the piano, composition, conducting, teaching, orchestrating, performance and much was so enormous that it set the standard for the modern practice. Unfortunately, more then often, he doesn’t get the credits for it. He is mostly remembered for playing too many notes (in spite of all his notes being neccesary) being arrogant and full of himself (sources prove that he was very modest) and a ladies man (he was very loyal to his beloved women).


Original cover of the Album d’un Voyageur

One of his most celebrated works is the cycle ‘Années de peligrinage’ – the years of wandering. Most of the pieces from the first volume are actually completely revised versions of the first book of a much earlier published cycle ‘Album d’un voyageur’ – travelers album, which was in circulation for only a few years during the 1840’s before Liszt prohibited the further reproduction of the work and even bought all the original printing plates, to make room for the revised and final versions of the works. In his revisions, although being are more mature, more playable and better structured, he eliminated and edited so many passages which contained miraculous inventions, wonderful melodies, orchestral thinking and pure uncensored passion, that the original works really can be seen as absolute pieces that stand by themselves.


Finally I am really diving into his original ‘Album d’un voyageur’ to study it, practice it, perform it and eventually record it as well. In this page I would like to share my findings, personal ideas of tempo and interpretation and solving of technical problems piece by piece, with tekst, pictures, and audio/video examples. I hope will ejoy this and find it helpful.

The page will updated regularly, so more information will be added soon. Please  contact me for comments and sharing of your own ideas, which I would gladly add to this page!


Album d’un voyageur, 1re année, Suisse:

I. Impressions et Poésies


I. Lyon

IIa. Le Lac de Wallenstadt

IIb. Au bord d’une source

III. Les cloches de G*****

IV. Vallée d’Obermann

V. La chapelle de Wilhelm Tell

VI. Psaume (de l’Eglise à Genève)