Allerlei Fantasieën CD


Allerlei Fantasieën frontThis summer, pianist and composer Daan van den Hurk released his new cd “Allerlei Fantasieën” (‘”All Sorts of Fantasies”) under MatchingArts Records. To create the feeling that your not listening to a cd, or even to a concert, but to someone just playing for himself in the attic, this cd is recorded on a small unrevised 1924 Schiedmayer grand piano in the recording studio of Het Muziekpand, Berkel en Rodenrijs, with all the little imperfections unedited. With a unqiue program of music by the pianist himself, Anne-Maartje Lemereis, Franz Liszt and Maurice Ravel, the result is an intimate, but very lifelike, vulnerable and personal recording, with a tension span from the first to the last note.

“Things not always go according to plan, and sometimes that works out for the best. For this little project I wanted to create the feeling that you, the listener, are there just next to me to enjoy the music together. And I could not create that sort of intimacy in an enormous concert hall with a 7ft grand piano. So I chose to do this recording on an imperfect small piano from the 1920’s and to keep all little imperfections on the recording. This was not an easy decision because it makes me feel very vulnerable. But I guess that is what music is about.”


Track listing:

  1. Sonatine in Blue  – Daan van den Hurk
  2. Lullablues – Anne-Maartje Lemereis
  3. Allerlei Fantasieën I (…waar de heks woont…)  – Daan van den Hurk
  4. Allerlei Fantasieën II (…na slechts één aangezicht…)
  5. Allerlei Fantasieën III (…en de regen was onvermijdelijk…)
  6. Allerlei Fantasieën IV (…wat er binnenin gebeurde…)
  7. Allerlei Fantasieën V (…het spijt me…)
  8. Au Bord d’un Source – Franz Liszt
  9. Splinter I – Anne-Maartje Lemereis
  10. Splinter II – Anne-Maartje Lemereis
  11. Splinter III – Anne-Maartje Lemereis
  12. Splinter IV – Anne-Maartje Lemereis
  13. Splinter V – Anne-Maartje Lemereis
  14. Splinter VI – Anne-Maartje Lemereis
  15. Ondine – Maurice Ravel
  16. Verboden Zich op het Gras te Bevinden – Daan van den Hurk

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