Three Etudes for Piano

Three of my new etudes for the more advanced piano pupil have now been published by Edition MatchingArts!…/46-van-den-hurk-3-etudes-201…

1. Etude Shifts: An etude for right-left coordination, different patterns of 3, 4 or 5 in each hand form a colourfull minimal style piece.

2. Etude for the Left Hand. Like the title says, a short lyrical piece for left hand only. An exercise in finger independence.

3. Etude for Various Things (like going to the dentist). Multiple techniques like finger independence and playing a melody where right and left take over.

The three pieces can also be purchased seperately!

The etudes are part of a project initiated by Edition MatchingArts and myself to have contemporary composers write new music for, in this case piano, education.
Stay tuned for more news!3_etudes_i